Lost MFA self-hosted


I used Google Authenticator and i removed the wrong MFA code while i wanted to remove the official bitwarden MFA i removed the MFA from my self-hosted vaultwarden.

I am still logged in vaultwarden in my browser but i cannot log in via vaultwarden Web Vault.
is there any way i can remove the MFA via docker or re-do the MFA via de browser addon?


  • i cannot find the recovery codes
  • running in Docker on a Synology
  • Email MFA was not set up for the account

Use the /admin interface to remove mfa from your account.


Thanks for the super quick reply!
Generated ADMIN_TOKEN via Terminal, added it to the Docker in my Synology and used it to login to the admin panel and removed the MFA.

Thanks so much! I was already creating a new docker image and all users.