Changing the admin password

Hello, everyone,
I installed Vaultwarden under Docker on my Synology NAS. Everything has been going well for several months and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work.
When setting up under Docker on the NAS, I set up a very simple password for the admin page. That wanted to change now. However, since then I can no longer access the admin page. I get the wrong password as an error message, although it is the same as what I stored in Docker under ADMIN_TOKEN.
Do you have any info on what I can do to get back to the admin page.
Many Thanks

It sounds as though if you’ve made changes via the admin page after enabling via docker with the ADMIN_TOKEN
I would suggest looking for a config.json file in your Vaultwarden install directory. You may have set a different admin token via the admin page.

The first time you save a setting in the admin page, config.json will be generated in your DATA_FOLDER. Values in this file will take precedence over the corresponding environment variable.

You can either check the file and change this there, or delete the file which will allow your docker environment variables to take precedence again -(though I would caution this would remove all custom settings that have been done via the admin page, so would be wanted only if you want your docker variables to not be overriden)_
Either way, you will want to run

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Or similar to restart your container and pull the new settings.

More info as well here,

Hello cksapp,
Perfect in the config.json I found the password and come back to the page.
I saved the password in Bidwarden :wink:
Many Thanks