How to reset admin token?

Damn I forgot my admin token to Bitwardenrs. I still have access to the underlying mariadb database. Is there a way to query the database for this password or a way to reset the token? It was originally set via the docker-compose file but the later changed in the GUI.

I would kill the container. set the ADMIN_TOKEN env variable before recreate the container.
If you are using a mysql backend it should be fine.

I practice stateless for my bitwarden_rs installation. killing the container when you’re using a db backend is OK

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@kevdog If you can access the filesystem, there were the database and log files are stored.
There should be a config.json file, which should contain your changed admin token.

Hey thanks for help. I did manage too find the config.json file and read the passwords there. It helped a lot the hashed version of the password wasn’t stored

It’s not a hashed password, its a token. Token arn’t hashed.

More softly, I did turn off the container, looked at the config parameter of Docker, and relaunch the container.
Thank you !

I’ve locked myself out of vaultwarden admin page somehow and can’t log back in. I’m running it on Unraid as a docker container and the config.json contains a hashed password. When i use this hashed password as the admin token, I still can’t login. How can i reset it? I tried changing the admin token in the Unraid docker template but this didn’t help either