Firefox extension logs me out every couple of days

I have vaultwarden hosted as a docker container on Unraid and every few days, my firefox extensions logs out and forces me to reauthenticate with 2fa (Webauth via yubikey) even though I click ‘remember me’. The only relevant error in the log is:

[error][ERROR] 2FA token not provided

This doesn’t seem to happen on the android app or on the desktop app, only the firefox extension. I run a few security/privacy oriented firefox add-ons, so I wonder whether these are somehow forcing the extension to log out. Is there a way I can troubleshoot this? What domains do i need to whitelist on these extensions to protect the Bitwarden extension? I checked the diagnostics page of my vaultwarden and it seems fine except for saying I’m not using a reverse proxy (when i actually am)

Could be an extension, or if you clear cache or local storage.
Or use a system cleaner for example.

Those might tramper with the cached/locally stored data and causes a los of authentication.

Also, that log message, i think it is fine, since it always does that when you login without the mfa token remembered.
It actually requests all mfa options you have and provides those.

Are there domains I can whitelist on these extensions to see if this fixes my problems? Is it my vaultwarden server domain or


If any then only your own.