Issue With Mobile App

Just set up Vaultwarden on a home server to get away from storing my info in the cloud. Web interface works great. I successfully added in the Bitwarden browser extension by choosing “self hosted” and adding my URL. Again no issue. I download the iOS Bitwarden app, follow the same steps as the extension and get an error of “exception message: the internet connection appears to be offline”. Any idea what would cause this? Is there an environment variable that needs to be set up for mobile access? Running Nginx for reverse proxy. As far as I see it is set up correctly, although I have played with some settings with no change. Any help is appreciated.

What I can suggest is that you need to ensure your Vaultwarden server is accessible from outside your home network. This is crucial for the mobile app to connect to the server.
Test this by trying to access your Vaultwarden server from a device that is not connected to your home network, like using mobile data.

You might check to see that the app has access to your local network

Ran into this problem today. See if the Bitwarden iOS app has access to the local network.

Settings > Bitwarden > Local Network

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I’ve seen on other threads also discussing the Bitwarden iOS app and having some questions about it.

Thank you!!

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for the past few hours trying to figure out why the Bitwarden iOS app wouldn’t connect to my VW server when on the local network. Everything worked fine in the mobile browser and to my knowledge I hadn’t changed anything recently (other than upgrading to 1.30.2 via Docker). But in the mobile app, syncs could fail and push notifications for “log in with this device” would be received but then fail to authorize with the “internet connection appears to be offline” message.

Saw this thread and checked, and sure enough the Bitwarden app on my phone was not set to allow access to the local network. Not sure when/how that got disabled but once I turned it back on the mobile app started working again.

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