Mobile App, Mobile Data

I am new to all this Vaultwarden/Bitwarden thing, I am self hosting on my synology server. I have everything up and running but on my mobile using data, I am unable to connect to the server. On WiFi I am able to though.


Your self hosted instance isn’t reachable from the internet then.
That is something you probably need to configure on your NAS like firewall, correct domain etc.,

Not something directly tied to Vaultwarden.

Odd thing is though, is it works in my browser. What would be causing it to work in my browser but not the app?


Are there any errors? Only thing i can think of is either the browser uses cache. Or the client isn’t configured to use the correct domain correctly. Or something else strange.

But it could be multiple items, but mostly related to networking or routing i think.

It just hangs until it says that it has been canceled.

Sounds like network. Just check the logs of there is any connection to the reverse proxy/Vaultwarden during the time you test.

Nope, nothing in my logs when trying to connect with mobile data. Are there ports that need to be opened, other than 5151, 3012, 443, and 80?

That all depends on your setup.

The Bitwarden apps work via HTTPS. And if you have all configured to go via the default HTTPS port, then 443 should be enough, nothing else is needed.

And if you see nothing in the logs, then either the client is not configured correctly, or a firewall is blocking something.

Youre going to have to share a lot more about your setup. Yes you’ll likely need to open ports.

  • Do you have a public dns address pointing at your modems ip?
  • Are the ports youre using opened in the router/modem?
  • Do you have a proxy handling requests inbound?
  • is the proxy or modem port forward pointing to the right internal address to handle the request? This step would be where vaultwarden lives.

Start stepping through the above and make sure you understand each step and you’ll likely find where the problem is with access from external

If you want a real good how to try this side: