iOS - Limit IP Address Tracking


First post here and I’m not sure where to post/report my findings.

For some days, I could not get my iOS Bitwarden client to connect to my Vaultwarden_RS server (running in a docker behind an swag (nginx+fail2ban)).

The symptom was that I was getting a “Exception message: The operation was canceled” when trying to login. Tried rebooting the iPhone, re-installing the app, … nothing helped.

I then remembered that the iOS17 upgrade was performed not soo long ago and tried to remember what may have changed on my phone.

I went check the WIFI settings and disabled the “Limit IP Address Tracking”.
At that moment, the app asked me permission to access the local network and then all was fine.

I checked the swag/nginx/fail2ban logs and did not find anything blocking the access when the “Limit IP Address Tracking” was set.


  1. I hope this will help anyone having this problem.
  2. Where should I report this ? On the Vaultwarden_RS GitHub or on the Bitwarden iOS client GitHub ?

Thanks for reading so far :wink:

I would first like to say thanks for the posting here, as it likely may assist others in the future.

From what I can tell though if your Vaultwarden server is not accessible from outside your network without a VPN back this should be expected as it appears this acts as a proxy of sorts, and only comes with Apple iCloud+

It may also be beneficial to make a posting on the official Bitwarden community forms though less people there tend to self-host.