Can't open entries with "Master password re-prompt" enabled


I’m using version 1.29.2 and a corresponding desktop app (2023.08.03, Windows).

When I activate the option “Master password re-prompt” for an item I am unable to view the password or edit this item in the desktop app (the iOS app is also affected), The app asks for the password but nothing happens if you press “OK”. I can edit the item in the web vault.

Can somebody try to reproduce this, maybe the problem is only on my deployment.

I forgot: maybe this could triggered when changing the KDF to Argon2Id. This was the only change I did after updating to 1.29.2

Please try a different browser, and see if you can still login or not.

I can log in and access all items in the browser. Only in the client applications (desktop and iOS) I can’t view the passwords from “protected” items.

Then i suggest to fully logout and back in into those clients, they probably have an older kdf iterations in memory

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Thanks for the hint. I found out that this problem only exists in the Windows app. If you choose to unlock with Windows Hello and unlock the Vault with a PIN or Fingerprint than the error occurs.

This error happened regarding the Windows Hello Option you choose (Ask on app start or Require on app start).

I simply disable the Windows Hello option for now (maybe try to reproduce this with a Bitwarden account, seems the bug is in the Windows app).

I have the same problem on Android Versiont 2023.8.0 (7466) on Android.
Vaultware 1.29.2
When the master password is requested again and I enter it, nothing happens…

I’ve run into this issue as well using the Edge extension. If I open the web vault, it works.

It tested this behavior now with a account. There the error does not occur. Unlock with Windows Hello and enter the password when prompted which reveals an entry that has “Master password re-prompt” enabled.

I don’t find any clues on my docker’s logs to tackle this weird issue (LOG_LEVEL=debug). Any suggestions?

Good news. This bug is fixed in client version 2023.9.0.

You can download the updated clients in the Github repo (GitHub - bitwarden/clients: Bitwarden client applications (web, browser extension, desktop, and cli))