Installation script CentOS 8 and LDAP

Hi, I am looking for vaultwarden installation script for CentOS 8. Is there any reliable link or source which i can follow along?
After vaultwarden installation how the LDAP connection can be done on server as it does not support Directory connector APP.

The best resources will be both the Vaultwarden community forums here, and the Vaultwarden wiki.

Vaultwarden is packaged in a docker container, and most commonly Vaultwarden is installed with docker compose.
Here you can see some examples provided, but the docker-compose file can contain any docker services you wish to run for your compose file. This is probably the easiest method to easily automate the installation, upgrades, and maintenance of your Vaultwarden instance.

If you wish, you can also use the pre-built binaries available, or compile your own from source.