Ok lets install it

hi guys,
after trying different pw manager, I finally decided to install vaultwarden even though i am not a big fan of docker, no much experience, so was wondering if anyone here can actually provide step by step installation guide that includes LE SSL in other words fully working instance. I will highly appreciate it.
thanks a lot.

I dont have step-by-step however making SSL through NPM (nginx proxy manager) should be very easy. Or you can install NGINX + CertBot to have a proxy installed.

i have installed following the GUIDE, however i cant get vaultwarden to send emails, i am not sure if the yalm file syntax is correct. for example i am not sure if i have to " " or not, also : instead of =, for example the guide shows the file as environment:
WEBSOCKET_ENABLED: “true” # Enable WebSocket notifications.
DOMAIN: “https://vault.domain.com
SMTP_HOST: smtp.office365.com
SMTP_FROM: no-reply@domain.com
SMTP_USERNAME: user@domain.com
SMTP_PASSWORD: passsword

can someone here please clarify this for me, also i need help to enable the admin page as its not mentioned in the guide.

The easiest way, I found of achieving this is using a server control panel such as Plesk or cPAnel.

If you run Vaultwarden in docker and adapt to your needs, you can assign a domain/SSL etc to that port using plesk or cPanel

You can also use Portainer to set up vaultwarden, there should be videos on youtube which can talk you through the set up

to enable the admin page you need to set and admin_token in the .env/config.json file

you then navigate to yourdomain/admin and then log in using your admin_token

I end up following this GUIDE to get it working… however in this guide step " Create Vaultwarden’s Admin Password" asks for a password to create the admin token. which works well, however, I noticed that when I go to my VAULT.DOMAIN.COM/ADMIN it doesn’t take the token that is on the .inv but the password instead, which is not good as it’s not secured. So id like to hear from you guys on how to fix this issue, or how to disable access to the web admin page (one way i did it is by removing the token stream from the .env) or add 2fa to the admin page, I need to have this secured.
Thanks for the help.