Importing into organization vault fails

Running bitwarden_rs in docker on arch. Things generally running smoothly except that I’m not able to import exported vault data into the vault for an organization. I can share entries to that vault, I can create new entries. But all of my attempts to import exported data (I’ve tried 1password .pif and bitwarden .json) into the organization fail and logout the session. The relevant log lines are:

[2020-03-17 18:50:19][auth][ERROR] Unauthorized Error: The current user isn’t member of the organization
[2020-03-17 18:50:19][response][INFO] POST /api/ciphers/import-organization?<query…> (post_org_import) => 401 Unauthorized

Any ideas where I might look for more info?


Hello kidfrosbite,
This is a know issue. We need to look at it.
But thanks for the information, all info is helpful.

@kidfrostbite, there is a fix now which should solve the issue.
When this fix is merged and a new build is done you can try it out.

Excellent! Saw that PR on github and will def keep an eye on the release page. Thanks!