Exported json opening on windows


I am using the vaultwarden system with a docker on my synology nas
recently i had a problem on my nas and consequently the docker wasn’t accessible

to solive this issue in the future, I’ve consequently exported my database in a json encrypted format.
That i could update regularly if needed

My question is simple
How could i open this json file and use it under windows (out of chrome or any browser).
is there a way to open it locally?

i can also export with no encryption

thanks in advance

Be aware that the encrypted json can only be imported again on the exact same account, with the exact same private keys. That means, if you lose your database or server, and create a fresh new one, you will not be able to import that again.

The only safe way is to export unencrypted. But, that will not contain attachments (Neither does the encrypted format btw).

Thanks for your feedback and this importation point
however there is no question of any importation
The uptodate database will still be on my nas!

my question is how to open the exportation of my nas on windows in case of any problem to access my nas

For that you need the private key stored in the database and encrypted with your password. How this exactly works i don’t know, but it will be the same as how they store/encrypt the passwords.

So it will not be as easy as just providing a password.
You may be better of having a backup of the sqlite database and start Vaultwarden on a different system ;).

thanks for your comment
would it be possible to install vaultwarder on my computer (under windows) and import the backup of sqlite ?
However how to proceed to export the sqlite database

in export i only have


That is the web-vault, which is a separated part, not developed by the Vaultwarden developers.

If you want to create a backup i suggest to check this.

Thanks for those links i need to check.

However, I found a bit strange that this web-vault is able to import from a lot of different sources

but is not able exporting as well.

Well, al is done by the clients. And it can export just fine. Just not with attachments.
Also, Vaultwarden does not maintain the clients, those are all done by Bitwarden.
Vaultwarden is just a compatible server which makes use of those clients.