How to remove current Vaultwarden instance (database) and create a new instance

I newly installed Vaultwarden with Caddy in Docker (within WSL2). I could not logon due to wrong master password. How can I delete or remove the current vaultwarden instance (or database) and create a new instance. It will be new, and I can create a new logon credentials.

Thank you for any help to my question.

If you did not set up a maradb or postgres database server, you can just delete the data/db.sqlite3 file (or even everything in the data folder) and restart vaultwarden. (I.d. everything you’ve mounted as a volume for data persistence)

You could also enable the /admin page to remove a single user instead.

Or as a user (and if you have SMTP configured correctly) you could also request the deletion of the account via /#/recover-delete.

Thank you very much for your help and fast response. I was tempting doing so but not sure about any ramifications. Now I know it is safe to do so.

Great help! Great people!