Fork bitwarden clients for vaultwarden

Just getting started with vaultwarden. The one potential long term sticking issue for me as a sysop is that it depends on bitwarden maintained clients and that there are release issues between the two.

release cadence · Discussion #2944 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub.

I don’t see this getting any better in the future and potentially becoming more problematic. In fact being tied to their clients seems to limit vaultwarden’s direction and to take up time always being sure it will work with their clients.

Thankfully those clients are open source and can be forked.

So am wondering if there is enough of us willing to take on this additional code burden to fork those clients and have vaultwarden provide its own clients?

Also, looking into CLI clients there is a very good project for the command line already written in Rust that could become valutwarden’s official cli client.

and would be great to have “official” rust cli helpers/plugins like these for ssh-agent.

In this way vaultwarden could be to bitwarden as nextcloud is to owncloud. A self contained truly “open” fork heading off in its own direction.

See response: Fork bitwarden clients for vaultwarden · Discussion #2972 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub