Any interest in a Rust rewrite of Bitwarden CLI?

When looking at packaging Bitwarden CLI, I noticed the… scary dependency graph of NPM packages, some of them with security warnings.

Is anyone interested in a Rust rewrite? If I start one (caveat: I don’t have much spare time) is it OK to call it vaultwarden-cli?

Thanks in advance!

There may already be some similar projects, just what I found quickly with a Google search for Bitwarden CLI Rust and within GitHub. May save you some time trying to reinvent the wheel, might still see what you can do to contribute too if you have the time.

Please note I have not personally inspected the code for these projects, please do your own due diligence to review the code base and understand what is happening. Especially as the Bitwarden client is where the actual decryption happens.

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Thanks, rbw looks quite mature. I’ll probably read the code anyway before using it, but it looks good at first glance.