Empty Page in Chrome Browser 3 of 4 Logins

sometimes, in ~ 50% of all cases of login, there is an empty Board/Page without entrys.
If i repeat 3 or 4 times Logout/Login, then Vaultvarden will show datasets.

This behaviour is only in Chrome. In Edge there is not this problem.

What is the Problem here?

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Hard to tell without more information. Can you look at the browser console if something is blocked? It could be interference by another extension.

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The problem is that the behavior is inonsitant. Here you see an Screenshot when no dataset is loaded…

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Here are another Errors.

I’d guess that you are blocking the JavaScript that allows the web-vault to determine the correct BaseURL which in turn leads to the blocking of the fallback (which is the upstream bitwarden URLs). So you should check which of the extensions is responsible and make an exemption for your vaultwarden site so they don’t interfere.

I actually think it probably is the reverse proxy used which is overwriting the default headers sent by Vaultwarden and that breaks it.

So what would be the solution?

You need to check if you overwrite some headers in your reverse proxy setup. And/or whether your addons are responsible. The latter should be easy to accomplish if you login via a separate browser with no extensions (or by disabling all extensions that could be interfering, e.g. the one labeled CSP seems a likely candidate).

Let me say to the Extensions: Extension are definitely NOT the reason. I deactivated all of the Addons and also empty Vaultwarden. It is only a Chrome Problem. Edge, Firefox ther is ALWAYS conent after logging in.

Here you can see disabled Addons, the “Always Disable CSP” Addon should have blocked… but its empty:

Proxy Server dows “forward” packages and does not “rewrite” by the way.