Directory Connector - Sync stops when closed?

I am a new user of vaultwarden.

I have a mature Linux server that I have just installed vaultwarden on. All is well.

I have installed the Desktop Connector on my work Windows Desktop computer to sync my LDAP users and groups to my vaultwarden users and groups. I just entered my servers URL etc and things sync’d up perfectly.

That is working fine.

However… when I closed Desktop Connector and reopened it later I was very surprised to see it said sync status was “stopped”

The whole idea for me is to insure whenever someone adds, removes a new user in Active Directory, the sync would be picked up automatically every 5 minutes. In this way if we disabled a user in active directory that user would loose the ability to login within 5 minutes. If I add a new user, they would get access within 5 minutes.

If a manager has to manually start and sync that leaves a big margin of error. If they forget to sync after a staff member is released, they will still have access until a manual sync is done.

Am I missing something, is there a way to insure that constant ongoing sync’s are taking place?

What sayeth the group?

I suggest to read the Bitwarden documentation regarding this.

Have you checked the connector settings for an automatic sync option? It’s possible there’s a setting to enable periodic syncs.

I looked for some info recently online and found one tutorial on YT that you might find helpful. At least, I hope so :slight_smile:
Here’s the link to the tutorial:

I did finally resolve it. Was a deep dive. You have to use CLI to get the benefit of regular syncs. You have to use GUI to prep the data.json file but once you start using CLI you can’t touch the GUI again. It’s odd but got it working

Oh! I didn’t know about that. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep that in mind.