Directory Connector "Your login session has expired"

having latest Vaultwarden installed. Trying to configure Directory Connector. Settings configured, “Test Now” works and returns result. But when i push “Start Sync”, Directory Connector app logoff and show “Your login session has expired” error.

app.log has no errors. messages when push “Start Sync”
[2024-04-15 12:47:14.657] [info] User search: ldap_path => (&(&(objectClass=person))(&(objectClass=user)(cn=ldap_ojbect)))
[2024-04-15 12:47:14.742] [info] Deleted user search: CN=Deleted Objects,dc=ldap_path => (&(&(objectClass=person))(isDeleted=TRUE))

Nothing else.

Hello Vladimir,

which Version of the Directory Connector are You using?


Hello Triskel,

thank you for replay.

i`m using Directory Connector Desktop App for Windows (installer) version 2024.3.2. Also tried portable and tried installer on another host (thought may be there is a problem with my host).