Directory Connector Sync not re-syncing deleted invitee

I have installed the directory connector and the initial GUI test and then Sync goes very well. A list of users is “invited” as expected.

We are in the testing phase to determine if this product will meet our needs. As part of the testing I have purposely deleted one of the invited members of the organization who was sync’d and invited after the install. I then resync’d to see if they would reappear. They did not.

So that brings up a few questions. Since in my inital setup I chose “Overwrite existing organization users based on current sync settings.” How do I now get this deleted “invited” user back into being recognized by Bitwarden as being part of the Active Directory sync. I know I can add the user manually but I have concerns that this manually added user will not be recognized in the same way.

Are there any thoughts on this?


See the answer here Directory Connector Sync not re-syncing deleted invitee · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · Discussion #4149 · GitHub

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Thanks again. That resolved it!

It’s good that you are experimenting with it, and I would be interested to see how it works. At our organization, we’ve actually reached that point when we need to remove one 'invitee, ’ and we need to know where this person could get access.