Can't manage collection users for organization


I’m new to Vaultwarden and have set it up for our small organization. So far the set up process has been quite smooth and the Wiki was very helpful!

However, I can’t seem to manage user access for organization collections, nor can I check Hide passwords or Read only for the different users within a collection.

Is there something I’m missing or is this feature not available in Vaultwarden? I looked through the [META] Feature Requests issue on Github but couldn’t find anything about this particular feature. I’m on Server 1.24.0 and Web 2.25.1.

Any pointers would be appreciated!

I asked this question again in the Matrix chat and user robberbob had the right answer on what the problem was:

In the People tab on the left, click on the user and make sure their access control is set to “This user can access only the selected collections”