Cannot confirm new user

Hello, I am running a vaultwarden 1.24.0 docker image behind nginx at home for some time now, and have tested it for quite some time with positive result. Now I want to use it as my home password manager solution. So next is to add some users and that is where I run into trouble.

I’m running with the SIGNUPS_VERIFY=false environment var, only to find out I still have to invite the user by their email in the web UI. After inviting a user, user gets added and the status is ‘invited’. But obviously no mail has been sent. So I delete the user again. Then, start the invite flow again with same email address. User gets added, but now the status is ‘accepted’.

However when trying to confirm the user from the context menu button in the list, I immediately get toaster in image 1 (see below):
and in console this is logged (image 2, see below):

When trying it from the button above the list in front of the invite button, I get this dialog (image 3, see below), but pressing Confirm does nothing. Also nothing is logged in console.

What am I doing wrong? Could it be the websockets that are messing around? I seem to have them correctly configured as ws connections do show up in the browser console, but I still have occasional errors like this in the console: (image 4, see below)

Hope someone can help me fix this issue, please let me know if I can provide any additional info!

Could you post the support string? You can generate it via Diagnostics in the Admin Panel.
Also I’m not clear on how you have invited the user because AFAIK if you don’t have mail enabled invitations should be accepted immediately.