Invitation Error with fresh install

I have been using Vaultwarden for the last year or so and absolutely love the software. However today I was working on installing a new instance on my docker host and I am having some issues with the configuration / initial setup.

When I create the first user there are no issues at all other than I am not able to verify my email address even after setting up an SMTP server and confirming that I can receive an email from my instance of Vaultwarden.

I didn’t think much of it until I went to create my second account using the invite from the admin panel which does send an email but the link when clicked errors out saying to ask the administrator for a new invite. I have checked the Vaultwarden logs with no errors showing.

I also tried creating a user via self-registration which does work but again I cannot verify my email address. Though the bigger issue is when I have my first user invite my second user to share an organization I am unable to accept the invite as well and there is no option in the WebUI to confirm without using this email link on the latest version.

I have attached the following from the admin panel with information about my installation:

Your environment (Generated via diagnostics page)

  • Vaultwarden version: v1.23.0
  • Web-vault version: v2.23.0c
  • Running within Docker: true (Base: Debian)
  • Environment settings overridden: true
  • Uses a reverse proxy: true
  • IP Header check: true (X-Real-IP)
  • Internet access: true
  • Internet access via a proxy: false
  • DNS Check: true
  • Time Check: true
  • Domain Configuration Check: true
  • HTTPS Check: true
  • Database type: SQLite
  • Database version: 3.35.4
  • Clients used:
  • Reverse proxy and version:
  • Other relevant information:

Config (Generated via diagnostics page)

Show Running Config

Environment settings which are overridden: ADMIN_TOKEN

  "_duo_akey": null,
  "_enable_duo": false,
  "_enable_email_2fa": false,
  "_enable_smtp": true,
  "_enable_yubico": false,
  "_ip_header_enabled": true,
  "admin_token": "***",
  "allowed_iframe_ancestors": "",
  "attachments_folder": "data/attachments",
  "authenticator_disable_time_drift": false,
  "data_folder": "data",
  "database_max_conns": 10,
  "database_url": "****/**.*******",
  "db_connection_retries": 15,
  "disable_2fa_remember": false,
  "disable_admin_token": false,
  "disable_icon_download": false,
  "domain": "*****://***********.**********.***",
  "domain_origin": "*****://***********.**********.***",
  "domain_path": "",
  "domain_set": true,
  "duo_host": null,
  "duo_ikey": null,
  "duo_skey": null,
  "email_attempts_limit": 3,
  "email_expiration_time": 600,
  "email_token_size": 6,
  "emergency_access_allowed": true,
  "emergency_notification_reminder_schedule": "0 5 * * * *",
  "emergency_request_timeout_schedule": "0 5 * * * *",
  "enable_db_wal": true,
  "extended_logging": true,
  "helo_name": null,
  "hibp_api_key": null,
  "icon_blacklist_non_global_ips": true,
  "icon_blacklist_regex": null,
  "icon_cache_folder": "data/icon_cache",
  "icon_cache_negttl": 259200,
  "icon_cache_ttl": 2592000,
  "icon_download_timeout": 10,
  "invitation_org_name": "Credential Server",
  "invitations_allowed": false,
  "ip_header": "X-Real-IP",
  "job_poll_interval_ms": 30000,
  "log_file": null,
  "log_level": "Info",
  "log_timestamp_format": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%3f",
  "org_attachment_limit": null,
  "org_creation_users": "",
  "password_iterations": 100000,
  "reload_templates": false,
  "require_device_email": false,
  "rsa_key_filename": "data/rsa_key",
  "send_purge_schedule": "0 5 * * * *",
  "sends_allowed": false,
  "sends_folder": "data/sends",
  "show_password_hint": false,
  "signups_allowed": false,
  "signups_domains_whitelist": "",
  "signups_verify": false,
  "signups_verify_resend_limit": 6,
  "signups_verify_resend_time": 3600,
  "smtp_accept_invalid_certs": false,
  "smtp_accept_invalid_hostnames": false,
  "smtp_auth_mechanism": null,
  "smtp_debug": false,
  "smtp_explicit_tls": false,
  "smtp_from": "****************@**********.***",
  "smtp_from_name": "Credential Server",
  "smtp_host": "****.**********.***",
  "smtp_password": "***",
  "smtp_port": 587,
  "smtp_ssl": true,
  "smtp_timeout": 15,
  "smtp_username": "********@**********.***",
  "templates_folder": "data/templates",
  "trash_auto_delete_days": null,
  "trash_purge_schedule": "0 5 0 * * *",
  "use_syslog": false,
  "user_attachment_limit": null,
  "web_vault_enabled": true,
  "web_vault_folder": "web-vault/",
  "websocket_address": "",
  "websocket_enabled": false,
  "websocket_port": 3012,
  "yubico_client_id": null,
  "yubico_secret_key": null,
  "yubico_server": null

I suggest to temporarily enable SMTP_DEBUG=true and use the /admin to sent out a test mail via the SMTP Settings tab.

I also suggest to see if you can update to the latest version available which is tagged testing instead of latests because that has some updates and enhancements regarding mail and error reporting.

I will give that a try this week, sorry was called away to deal with a bunch of work things and have not had a chance yet. I did manage to get users added to organizations by not having any SMTP configured. When the administrator user invited them and then they made an account they were verified automatically and when added to an organization the user adding someone had the option to accept them without it needing to have the other user do anything.