Alternative ports and BitWarden clients

Hello and thank you for making and supporting VaultWarden.

Has anyone successfully set up VW on alternative ports and been able to get it working with the various clients? (browser addon, android, iOS). The VW (server part) is straightforward, but it seems like the clients may have problems:

If you did get it running on other ports, did you find just entering in the client’s setup the server url as htps://host:port worked fine?

I am aware of alternatives to this (e.g. getting a vm-specific subdomain) as suggested in this post:

but was still curious whether alt ports can be made to work.

Vaultwarden runs fine on alternative ports. I use that during testing for example.
It works on all clients, just make sure you enter the correct port and have a valid certificate, else clients could refuse to connect to the server because the certificate is invalid.

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Thanks a lot BackDex. I’ll have a valid LE cert, yes.

So a config like the image below for the client is what you’d expect to work if i set the server’s port main to 1234, and left notifications as 3012?

Try to configure only the first item and clear the rest :wink:


After reading this post and many others - I want to appreciate your helpful attitude BlackDex. Never give up. Nice job.

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