404 on new organisation

Hi all,

I have Bitwarden_rs running on Debian 10. It is compiled from source yesterday (rather than using docker) and I’m using nginx as my webserver.

So…everything seems to be ok and I can navigate around, get into Admin settings, set up new users etc but when I try to create a new org through Settings > Organisations > +New Organisation I get a 404 error. Below is from Chrome

zone.js:1118 GET https://my.website.com/api/plans/ 404
core.js:4127 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): t: {"response":null,"statusCode":404}
    at w (zone.js:832)
    at zone.js:739
    at s (main.6305176….js:1)
    at t.invoke (zone.js:386)
    at Object.onInvoke (core.js:28144)
    at t.invoke (zone.js:385)
    at e.run (zone.js:143)
    at zone.js:891
    at t.invokeTask (zone.js:421)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (core.js:28132)

This is from daemon.log
[2020-09-12 09:29:54.599][request][INFO] GET /api/plans/
[2020-09-12 09:29:54.599][response][INFO] GET /<p…> [10] (web_files) => 404 Not Found

Not sure where to begin with this so any help would be much appreciated!


Hi all,

Ok. I might have made some progress with this. Although I’ve not fixed the problem, I’m going to guess the patch hasn’t applied? When I load the website I can still see things like 'Enterprise Single Signon" and I’m assuming that the /api/plans doesn’t exist because this is where Bitwarden would normally try to sell me the latest plan? Looking at the patch notes, 2.16.0 should be hiding the SSO button. I’ve recompiled from source again and this time the SSO button has gone. Do I have to apply each patch manually?

Many thanks!

Hi all again,

I’ve resolved this by compiling Version 2.15.1 instead of 2.16. Possibly a bug in the latest version?


3 days ago there was a fix merged into master for this problem.
So using the latest version should fix the version.