Windows Desktop Client 1.25 - Invalid Master Password

Using the bitwardenrs:latest image and having recently updated to the 1.25 version of the Windows client, I am now being met with an “Invalid Master Password” error message when trying to login. I’m able to login to the web vault (2.18.1) using the same credentials, no problem.

Looking at the docker image logs, this is all I see:

[2021-03-13 14:27:58.519][request][INFO] POST /api/accounts/verify-password
[2021-03-13 14:27:58.670][bitwarden_rs::api::core::accounts][ERROR] Invalid password
[2021-03-13 14:27:58.672][response][INFO] POST /api/accounts/verify-password (verify_password) => 400 Bad Request

Any ideas?

Thank you!


It looks like the password doesn’t match according to the message. Are you able to use the exact same password via Edge of something at the same domain?

Yes, I’ve copied and pasted the password into the various places:

  • Chrome browser extension (works)
  • Chrome browser accessing web vault (works)
  • Firefox browser accessing web vault (works)
  • Windows 1.24.6 Desktop client (works)
  • Windows 1.25 Desktop client (does not work)

The password is correct. I’m a little hesitant to upgrade my other machine running the Windows Desktop 1.24.6 client…

Could you file this as a bug report at github please?
Please mention the same as you did here.

Done: Invalid Master Password w/Windows Desktop Client 1.25 & latest docker image · Issue #1503 · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs · GitHub

Thank you!

Looks like I needed to do Account → Log Out in the failing desktop client. Initiating a new login worked successfully then!