Win Client - There are no collections to list

Have two separate Vaultwarden deployments. Both latest version of Vaultwarden + Windows client.

On both deployments, getting odd behavior where collections list are not showing when adding new items. Under the Organizations and collections section it reads - “There are no collections to list”

However if I then go to edit an existing item and expand collections they all show and the item is assigned in a collection.

I’ve tried fresh logins and didn’t help. Occasionally add new item does show collections but then canceling and re-trying add they will be missing again. Never missing when editing an existing item.

Both deployments have personal vault disabled if that is relevant.

About to downgrade Win clients.

Anyone aware of known issue with Vaultwarden and Win client?

Issue not happening with browser extension.

That’s a known issue in the Desktop app:

I see - Thanks for sharing.