Organizations/Collections only accessible with Browser but not Desktop/Smartphone App?

I managed to successfully create an organization and to invite my wife.
After this I created some collection which I now share.
Can I only access the organization and shared collections in the Web-Vault with my browser but not with the Bitwarden App on my desktop or smartphone which would make sharing absolutely useless for me?

Thanks a lot for helping.

I suggest to read Get Started with Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support

Have you been able to connect your apps to your self hosted Vaultwarden URL?
The URL when setup will have the built in web-vault, but the client apps will require you to enter your self hosted URL for your server.

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I’ve read this already before posting here.

Yes, I’m connected to my self hosted web-vault.
But I want to use the desktop or smartphone apps and not the browser to access the organizations and collections shared.

If the collections are allowed to be viewed by the other user, and if you can see them within the web-vault, then you should also see the vault items in any client.

To see the collections within the mobile client you need to scroll all the way down at the bottom, there you will see a header Collections.

To see the organizations you should be able to see them if you try to add a new vault item and scroll all the way down to the Ownership header. There will be a list of orgs.

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Thanks a lot for helping. I now can see the Collections. I was using the wrong account :frowning:

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