WebSockets & Collection sync


Have a deployment with personal vaults off + single org. Just using shared collections.
It’s behind NPM with websockets enabled.

The real time updates are working for any item edit and/or add except for when moving an item to a different collection. Requires manual sync.
Done handful of tests with web extension, web interface, and desktop app. All appear to behave the same requiring manual sync for an item to appear in the collection it was moved to. Or for it to leave the collection it was moved from.

Is this by design? Or am I missing anything in our config that would allow collection auto sync?
Thank you.

Looks like we are missing a notification for this.
Could you create a bug/issue on GitHub regarding this please?

Yes, absolutely. Thanks.

Thank you for promptly adding collection sync.

My understanding is that only :testing tag docker image has changes prior to official releases.
Is there any info available on next release timeline / target?

I’d really like to get the collection sync functionality but would also like to remain on official releases as well.

There is no timeline.
No specific release schedules.

So we can’t really when. If we think it’s good enough to release we will.