Problem adding/removing items to collections using bw cli

Running current docker as of 2021-03-08 and current bw cli as of same date. I’m having a problem using bw cli. I am able to edit existing items, add new items, etc. I’m also able to successfully add an item to an organization with ‘bw share’ – however, it is NOT adding to collections. (The resulting json when I ‘bw get item’ has an empty collectionIds array.)

If I try to share again, it tells me it’s already shared to an organization.

If I try to ‘bw edit’ to add the collectionIds (confirmed to be in same organization) - it accepts the edit, but doesn’t do anything.

I have no issues doing the same edits through the web client or browser plugin manually.

If I’ve shared to two collectionIds - and then try to remove from a collection with bw edit - it also is a no-op with no effect.

What’s the right way to perform this operation?

Never mind - just managed to find it - I needed to be doing ‘bw edit item-collections’ instead.