Persistence syncronization

Hello everyone! :smiley:
I’m trying to figure out how the best configuration of Vaultwarden for my needs, but I had a doubt and looked for some solutions: when I’m in mobility and my server and other machines could be unavailable (for network or VPN disservice), how can I keep syncing my laptop with the smartphone? maybe there could be a solution: using MariaDB Galera configured as a cluster; the
main servers is node 1 and my laptop and the other machines are the other nodes of the cluster (all instances, even the server, are meant as containers). So when the server turns back on-line, I think there will be a realignment of data of the nodes. It could be possible a solution like that or I miss something?

An alternatives could be, a secured file syncronization between the server and the laptop (maybe in this case, could be better a file db like sqlite or similar?) and if the server is inaccessible, I set up the cloned container/volume, on my laptop. The problem is, how can I restore the situation? maybe there could be a command to align the db of the temporary server of the container, with the real server?

for better understanding, all my machines runs Linux with podman as the container system.

What do you guys think about that? Can I please ask you for and advice

Thank you!