Docker restart necessary?


I installed vaultwarden version 2.25.1 using docker on a my debian server using this toturial.

Everything runs fine. But after 1 or 2 days. I get a bad gateway error from the nginx reverse proxy.
I can get everything running by stopping, removing and starting the vaultwarden container again.
This is also necessary if I reboot the server.

Where can I find a log that might give me a hint why this happens, or is this a well known problem?
Is there a better way get it running again as by stop, remove and start?
What do I need to do to start the container automatically when rebooting the server?

Thanks in advance


If you have logging enabled there should be a vaultwarden.log file in your data volume directory.
Else before you stop the container, type docker logs vaultwarden

OK, Thank you.
At the moment the problem everything is fine. As soon as the problem occures I will post an update.