Vaultwarden calling


my self-hosted instance behind Traefik ( has been running fine for over a year, even now the Firefox extension and Android app work. But the Web UI is having issues - after entering my email and master password I get the following error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

When checking in the network monitor what the UI is calling I see a POST request to

Now that call gets blocked for some reason and I get the error. The question is - since I am self-hosted why is it even calling that?

Because you configured the push service by providing the Bitwarden push token and id and enabled the feature.

Else it will not call that at all.

I never signed up with Bitwarden nor do I have an account. I never received any push notifications…

The weird thing is that when I try the web UI login via my mobile Firefox browser it works correctly…

Update 2: It also works in a private Firefox window…just not in the main one…I wonder if the official extension is doing so shenanigans…

Are you using the vaultwarden/server image for self-hosting? Or do you use a self-built / third-party web-vault? Also do you have any firefox extensions installed that might be interfering? Or did you change the content security policy? Can you check the browser console for any logs?