Vault Warden breaks when attempting to add environment variables

I am using version 1.30.0 (latest) and I cannot configure vaultwarden at all. I am using docker compose, with a traefik setup.

If I launch the container using ANY other environment variable other than LOG_LEVEL, it will give me the error ‘Internal Server Error’ and not display the page. If I launch it with only the log level set, it works 100% fine, no issues. If I try to enable the admin page, it returns internal server error. Why will it not accept any environment variables? All of my other containers are working just fine behind traefik, the only one not working is vaultwarden.

There is no config.json file, no .env file
I followed the wiki steps on creating the hashed admin token (for docker compose - adding an extra $ in the 5 locations) and it will not see it

docker compose file and Traefik dynamic file (I can only post 2 links):

container logs:

You mentioned that using any environment variable other than LOG_LEVEL results in an error. This could indicate a problem with the format or values of the environment variables. So, maybe it’s worth double-checking the syntax and ensuring that each variable is correctly formatted?