What am i supposed to do for env variables?

I’ve got vaultwarden installed but i’m a little confused about any environment variables?
I see no mention of them in any of the wiki/setup guide. Searching around i’ve seen mention of some template file, which i’ve downloaded and tried to import, but it doesn’t pick up any of them.

Where is the documentation relating to these? are they even needed?
Are we supposed to use the bitwarden documentation?


In regards to all your other posts, see our wiki Home · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub

It might not be the best documentation of the world or provide newbe step-by-step instructions it should provide most of not all information on your questions.

But if running on docker, i suggest to read the wiki articles mentioning docker, container or compose first. Those should be the most helpful for you.

Thanks Blackdev, I don’t mean to come across badly, but it was borne from frustration…
With respect, I have looked through all the docs I could find talking about docker and nothing mentions env variables , and it’s only from