Environment variables being ignored

Hi there,

I’m running Vaultwarden on Docker quite a long time… Initially I’ve set variables in my docker-compose.yml file.

Now I wanted to disable the admin interface by removing the ADMIN_TOKEN variable and restarting the container. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

Yes, I know about the config.json overriding the Docker vars - regardless if put to the .env or the docker-compose file - but I just removed the ADMIN_TOKEN from the config.json.

Afterwards the admin page was disabled, but it won’t be enabled again if I put the ADMIN_TOKEN back to the Docker vars (neither .env nor the yml file).

If I understood correctly, this should have worked as I don’t have any ADMIN_TOKEN in the config.json anymore?

Would be pretty cool if someone could help me clear these things up.

You are mentioning restarting the container.
Just to be sure, did you do a docker-compose up -d or a docker-compose restart? because the latter will not re-read the .env file and the old settings will still be there.