Synology updated - broke API

I had everything working lovely on my Synology in docker, and then I updated my operating system to DSM 7 but now vaultwarden wont start in docker and gives me error of API. How do I get this working again without losing my persistant data?

Have you checked the Synology forums for similar issues with Docker images?

Also, noting that it gives an error of API isn’t very useful. Do you maybe have a better error message, the exact message for example, or a screenshot or something?

thank you for reply. I did another reboot, and the container now starts and I can open up to a login page on http but it now doesn’t want to work on https.
http://local:5151 presents login. When submit credentials gives error it must be https.
I try https://local:5151 and no page loads.

The only change to working configuration was the OS upgrade, it may have done something to nginx??? If so, any ideas where to go?