(mediocre noob) Some questions about versions, 405 errors and icon.png

I’m thinking maybe I’m just dumb and should ask for help first.

At the moment I’m using Vaultwarden Version 1.24.0 (Synology NAS Docker) with Bitwarden 2022.10.0 desktop (Linux)
The container itself is flagged as vaultwarden/server:latest - i don’t know why Docker doesn’t update to 1.26.0.
Maybe I’m just dumb, but I don’t find the update button in DSM.

405 errors:
However, when I log into my vault, I get 405 errors when trying to edit or delete entries.
It seems the server is stuck, because when i try to open up the web frontend of Vaultwarden, it’s loading some seconds and when the login appears the client gets an update and can communicate with the server again.
I do have some energy options set, but that’s after 2 hours of doing nothing.
But as my synology also serves as dns server, it should always be active, when my PC is running as well (it should, right?)
Maybe it’s the age of my Synology DS218+?
I don’t know - really.

icon.png question:
I believe the server is stuck with actively searching the internet for the icons on their URLs i put in the field “URI 1”…
I suppose the whole search of my password database for missing icons is messing with the availability of the service itself. Sure, I might be wrong, but I get a ton of entries like this, just taking one innocuous entry from the log just to show something:
[2022-10-17 14:50:01.540][vaultwarden::api::icons][WARN] Unable to download icon: Empty response or unable find a valid icon. www.artstation.com
[2022-10-17 14:50:01.541][response][INFO] GET /icons//icon.png (icon_internal) => 200 OK

Thanks for help, I will appreciate it.

Seems like it’s failing to download the icons for some of your sites, does your NAS have an internet connection?

Not sure how the docker containers are configured in your environment, but can you try setting DISABLE_ICON_DOWNLOAD=true and try again?