I’m trying to get bitwarden set up on my QNAP TS-251A, but I’m struggling because I’m clueless when it comes to anything linux, certificates, or SSL/TLS. I do have bitwarden_rs running in Container Station, thanks to a click-by-click walkthrough I stumbled across here. It didn’t have a great explanation on SSL though, and I do want this working in iOS apps and Chrome.

Pertinent info:

  • I don’t have a VPN set up
  • I’m fine with bitwarden only being available on the local network, or over VPN if I ever set that up
  • I don’t have a private domain
  • I’m not using myqnapcloud (and I’m seeing recommendations to avoid it)
  • My bitwarden container is using its own IP (seemed like the easier option to maintain over time)
  • Not much else running on my QNAP other than Plex Server
  • The only other appliance/server on my LAN is a Pi 0W running pihole–may add Wireguard to that at some point

Getting the bitwarden_rs container running was pretty easy given the detailed instructions, and it seems like the SSL bit shouldn’t be much worse, but all of the guides I can find on the subject assume a level of baseline competency that I don’t have. If anyone can help bridge the gap, I’d appreciate it!