Option Vaultwarden offline for vpn & LAN/Intranet

I would like to use valtwarden on my diskstation via docker. it also works so far, only I would like to use Bitwarden only offline on LAN. So no dyndns, port sharing or reverse proxy. I have a lot of instructions, unfortunately bitwarden/vaultwarden only responds to https.

is there a way to make bitwarden offline accessible for the LAN/intranet? Is it possible to disable SSL or another bypass?

i connect trom mobile devices via VPN.to LAN

The web-vault is only accessable via https because the browsers only support the encryption api’s when using a secure connection or when you access it via localhost/ in the last case it doesn’t need a secure connection.

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thank for your answer
any idea how could I use this somehow?

Try to check out the wiki article here

Basically Vaultwarden can be spun up on a server of your choice (Disk station) and configured with a reverse proxy for SSL termination. SSL can either be a self-signed certificate (but would require you to add these to your trusted certificate store) or can also be used with valid cert using DNS only ACME.

All you would need to do is not forward any ports on your router/firewall to keep it private to LAN only access, and can also be used and accessed over VPN as long as your VPN has firewall rules to pass traffic from the VPN network to your main LAN.