Need EASY step-by-steps to enable HTTPS

What is the easiest, step-by-step, method to get Bitwarden to work with Vaultwarden, when there’s an error message saying:

This browser requires HTTPS to use the web vault. Check the Vaultwarden wiki for details on how to enable it.


I don’t have a domain name or permanent DNS. I’m just a home user running a home server to self host Bitwarden Server via the Vaultwarden Docker. If someone can provide me the simplest steps, I’m sure I can get this to work for me (at least over my home LAN).

Thank you.

I think the message refers to this tutorial:

Actually, if you do not want any domain or something then i suggest to read both


I’ve managed to configure using nginx & zeroSSL (check instructions on their site) you will need to NAT forward any custom ports.