[SOLVED] Impossible to disable Admin page after enable it

Hello, I activated the admin page to set up my mail. I then deleted the ADMIN_TOKEN line and restarted the docker vaultwarden. The page is still active, how to disable it?

You need to remove it also via the settings. Because it is stored in the config.json. And all settings in the config file override the env variables.

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How can I edit config.json in docker on synology?

EDIT : Via terminal in docker’s app, install vim or nano, and remove line in config.json (in folder data) de line admin token. Restart server and done!

Thanks for your help.

I have no clue how to edit.
But, as mentioned in my previous post, just clear the token from via the settings. But, i do suggest to just configure everything via env variables instead of using the settings page.

Thanks I have found the solution.