[SOLVED] Disable admin interface


If I don’t say something wrong, Bitwarden RS has a runtime configuration. So, if I put a "#" in front of ADMIN_TOKEN=P7ga5xSZKGZP in the .env file and I delete the line "admin_token": "P7ga5xSZKGZP..." from the data/config.json file, the administration interface should no longer be accessible, right?

Actually it works, but I have to restart the service: sudo systemctl restart bitwardenrs.service, is that normal?

In advance, thanks!

To change the file at runtime, you need to make the change from the admin page itself, changing the config.json file or the environment variables will always require a restart.

OK but, to enable the admin page, the ADMIN_TOKEN variable must be uncommented and set with a token…

So how do I disable the administration page from the administration page itself?

In advance, thanks!

You would need to remove the ADMIN_TOKEN variable and then restart the server.

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