Self-host or google cloud

So, my project has evolved from a “let’s see if I can get this working just because I want to”, into a “hey, we could use a self hosted password manager”. Knowing this is going to actually be used, I want to make sure I do this right. I have access to both an E2 Micro instance on Google Cloud, as well as a spare Raspberry Pi 4 that we currently aren’t using for anything else. I’m usually 100% on board with using google cloud/AWS/things like them due to reliability and ease of backups, but I’m curious how other people feel about this.

If I have a vaultwarden instance that need to be accessible to a limited number of people, is local hosted or google cloud the way to go. Especially if it will be on a free google cloud instance

How important is uptime to you and how time do you want to spend fiddling with it?