Bitwarden_RS on Google Cloud free tier

Hey, I spent way too long on this project, but I got a good write-up on how to get Bitwarden (specifically this awesome version) running on the free Google Cloud tier with Caddy and a Cloudflare DDNS cron. It’s super easy to set up, the guide walks you through it. It’s pretty stable so far, I’ve been migrated for a week.


Nice, thanks for taking the time to write this up. I’ve added this to Feel free to edit your entry if you think it needs a more detailed summary.


Hello @bradford @jjlin ! Now that Google’s free tier includes e2-micro, would it (0.25 vCPU burstable to 2.0 vCPU and 1Gb of RAM) be sufficient for the normal docker version of vaultwarden?

How CPU-intensive docker version is? I believe 1Gb of RAM would be sufficient for the family-use install (under 10 users), not sure about Google’s 0.25 vCPU.

You can run small instances tolerably on a Raspberry Pi 1, so pretty much any cloud VM should work fine.

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I currently have VW running in a docker instance on my Synology, but would like to move to a gCloud instance. Using your instructions, how would I get my data directory and it’s contents loaded to the gCloud instance and not lose any data or configurations?