Vaultwarden app & Cloudflare

Hi guys!

I have a vaultwarden self-hosted server in a Cloudflare domain. The problem is, when I enable the DDoS security on Cloudflare I cant access to my vault from android/ios app.

Anyone knows how to solve it without taking out the DDoS service?


Sounds like you might want to ask in the cloudflare forums, do you have any other services running behind whatever you have going on in cloudflare that work? They have a lot of different services. Any errors anywhere in logs? Do you have any overrides set up in cloudflare ddos settings area?
I’m using cloudflare tunnels with vaultwarden and not having any problems.

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I have CloudFlare in front of VW, though I don’t know what a “CloudFlare Domain” is. It will generally work ok. Best ask on CF forums or ask their support.

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