Remove email verification

If a user has been invited by an admin, can’t we just automatically verify the email without having it show the “Verify your email” in the brown box in the web vault UI?

I’m not talking about just a css fix, but actually verifying it and trusting the admin’s invite.

On that note, I’m also wondering if there’s a way to automatically confirm an invited user, without having the administrator to click confirm after invite.

These are all rather unnecessary steps, or am I missing something?


Please see my answer here it may help to explain some of how the invite process works.

Vaultwarden tries to keep in line with the expectated behavior between the upstream official client and the 3rd party server as best as possible. This would account for an admin needing to confirm the user, after the invite has been accepted for an organization.

I’m unsure if the user could be placed into a verified status if invited from the admin page rather than the Bitwarden webvault, but there have been some changes that have been made to the admin panel that is specific to Vaultwarden so perhaps this is something that can be done.