Password reprompt?


Thank you for your great work!

I updated to 1.22.1 (docker) but I cannot find the password reprompt option.
It does just not show ‘Options’ when editing or creating a password. The vault is reporting 2.20.4 and I cleared all browser cache.
(reference: Vault Items | Bitwarden Help & Support)

On first launch I do see the reprompt sqlite migrations did run.

Do I miss something or do I not understand how it should work?

Kind Regards!

That feature isn’t enabled yet it 2.20.4. There were already some preparations done on the server side to have this supported.

It looks like the released v2.21.0 today which has that feature enabled, so you just have to wait until we have released that web-vault version.

Clear! thanks for explaining. Will patiently wait for the v2.21.0 vault patched for vaultwarden.