Organisation API Key with VaultWarden and Bitwarden Directory Connector


I come to you to clarify my misunderstanding on a certain subject.
I installed VaultWarden on a Debian Linux machine with Bitwarden Direrctory Connector software for future synchronization with an Actide directory.
Following my discovery of the software, I realized that to establish the first connection with VaultWarden you have to fill in an organization api key on BWDC.
So I created an organization from the password manager, but no API key appears.
After I have filled in with bitwarden support, I understand that only an organization API key will be issued with a subscription.

So I wanted to know if it was possible to still successfully connect the two software without an organization API key, or if there was another way to get one, especially since we can’t get a subscription from VaultWarden since the creation of an organization.

thank you in advance for your reply.

There is a pending PR for this specific feature.

This means that for the moment I can do nothing and no solution exists to date?

Use an older directory connector which does not need the api key but can use credentials.

Oh ok, but I don’t know of any old Directory Connector, I only knew this one to synchronize VaultWarden and Active Directory :confused:

More can be found in the wiki

  • Directory Connector support (basic implementation, no group support)
    Only version v2.9.2 and lower is supported, v2.9.3 and up use a different login method not supported yet.

Or possibly using Syncing users from LDAP · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub

But how i can found a old version to directory connector ?

The link for this is in the wiki and the quoted text here.
2.9.2 would be the latest version that supports this older method available on GitHub direct from the official Bitwarden team.
You are also free to choose any version below that release and it should work, just not anything newer.

Oh ok thank you so I’ll try this way :slight_smile: