How acces Vaultwarden web with https without docker

Hello, I come to you in order to clarify my misunderstanding, I wish to be able to access the local host web page of vaultwarden in https. But unfortunately the only tutorials I could see use docker to fix it, and I installed vaultwarden without docker.

While not recommended, you can enable it (e.g. with self-signed certificates) by setting


(if you have changed ROCKET_ADDRESS and/or ROCKET_PORT you should adapt the DOMAIN accordingly).

For more information and some better recommendations you can check out

Oh ok, and i think I have to write these lines in a specific file, but no matter how hard I look, I can’t find what the Vaultwarden configuration file is.:confused:

The easiest way would be with a file called .env which is loaded by vaultwarden from the working directory on launch. For an overview of the configuration options you can check out the template

You could also just set the environment variables directly. If you start vaultwarden as a systemd service you could also provide an environment file. (There also is the option to load the configuration via data/config.json which you can create in the /admin panel)