Modify home page?


Is it possible to modify the index.html home page to use my own home page content, and use a different URL to access VaultWarden? e.g. vaultwarden.html

I tried simply copying & renaming index.html to test.html, but although it loads the page when I try to log in, it returns: An unexpected error has occurred.

I also noticed that it adds a hash #/ to the end, but that also happens on the working normal/unmodified page, so I guess that’s normal operation?

Basically, I’d like to have a different home page, so that any casual browsers that might find my instance don’t see it’s bitwarden, and hence may be tempted to crack.

I suspect there’s some backend magic required, and would appreciate any pointers.


Screenshot of the error:

You can run under a subdir:

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The web page does all the heavy lifting with the cryptography (the server never has access to the unlocked vault). The files are static, but the code on the page uses the page URL to find the server API which provides the encrypted objects. The web vault that ships with Vaultwarden is a slightly patched version of the official Bitwarden web vault. You can use your own files if you want, but the expected entry point is still index.html.

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Understood. Thanks for the reply.

I’m now going to see if I can figure out how to make it use a subdomain (something like:


Thanks, am gonna give this a go now. Cheers!

Have you figured it out?

At least where to find the static files?

There is trick here # Disabling or overriding the Vault interface hosting · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub